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Our Mission

The Industrial Assessment Center at IUPUI is dedicated to helping companies save money while also reducing their environmental impact and training the next generation of energy efficiency engineers and professionals.

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Easy Registration

Click here to apply to receive one of the IAC’s complimentary energy assessment sponsored by the US department of Energy.

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Our Records

Helped more then 120 small and mid-sized manufacturing companies reduce their energy consumption and save money. The IAC’s recommendations save companies an average of almost $80,000 a year.

Our Numbers

Our goal here at the Industrial Assessment Center is to provide free energy assessments in order to help businesses save money in the long run. Our number of assessments and students trained have been studiedly increasing and will continue to over the years. Our data is audited from the US Department of Energy.

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What is an IAC?

The Industrial Assessment Center at IUPUI is one of 28 IAC’s located at university campuses across the country. The IAC’s conduct complimentary energy assessments sponsored by the US Department of Energy. These detailed assessments help manufacturers identify opportunities to improve productivity, reduce consumption and save money.

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Our Testimonials

“We were thrilled with not only the speed, efficiency and professionalism that was exhibited by this department, but the in depth report we received at the end. We have made recommendations to other businesses and will continue to do so. We are working on all the suggestions now.”
– Mary Gordon, Plant Manager, Electro-Spec